The wheeled walker-cane for stability throughout your day.

The Wheeleo’s one-handed design helps you regain autonomy, while supporting your movement in every day situations.

The never-ending guardrail. Everywhere you go.

The Wheeleo® is an innovative mobility device that reduces your risk of falling, is easily transported and has an elegant design. As it only requires one hand, your other hand stays available for carrying out daily activities such as grocery shopping, opening doors or walking your dog.

4 unique features.

Wheeleo® combines the benefits of a (wheeled) walker and a cane.

  • One-handed

    Experience the stability of a rollator, without compromising your freedom. Always one hand free for daily activities.

  • Smart design

    Compact. Convertible. Elegant. Our design allows easy transportation and has a modern look. No stigma, just a next generation mobility device.

  • 4 wheels for mobility

    No need to lift the device thanks to the 4 wheels. The Wheeleo® enables movement with a continuous flow. Infinite support, without you even noticing it.

  • 4 legs for stability

    Count on 4 pillars of strength. The Wheeleo® provides you safety during steady and unsteady times. Risk of falling? Significantly low.

Standing by your side.

Find out how Wheeleo® fits into your life, depending on your condition.

  • What our customers say.

    "I present to you my Wheeleo as my 'dog'. He is flawless and he accompanies me everywhere I go. Let me show you why I can't separate myself from him. Look, I'll go with him to the window. I can open the curtains and I can open the window, all without losing my balance. I am really doing great and that is because of my Wheeleo! I can move around whenever I want and can't imagine my life without it anymore. I wouldn't even have made it here to my chair without the Wheeleo."

    Watch the full testimonial here.

    Mrs. C, 93 years. Active senior.

Created by physiotherapists.

After helping numerous patients get back on their feet, physiotherapist Geoffroy Dellicour created the Wheeleo® with the main objective to support (semi-)paralyzed patients in learning to walk again.