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Wheeleo V2: Increased range of mobility

Wheeleo V2: Increased range of mobility

It was expected for a while... The new Wheeleo V2 is now available!

The Wheeleo has passed a milestone!

The  Wheeleo  is no longer just a revalidation solution but also a help for all people with walking difficulties. Whatever the origin of the difficulties (accident, ageing, pre/post-operation,...), the Wheeleo helps the user in his daily life.

The most important improvement is undoubtedly the size of the wheels (100mm)!

Over time and with accumulated experience, we have seen uses in an increasingly diverse range of settings that go well beyond post-stroke recovery.

This is why we wanted to give it a greater rolling and crossing capacity. Its larger wheels make it even easier to walk over uneven ground. This increases its range of application and gives the user greater autonomy.


How bigger wheels of a walking aid improves walking


A lot of work has been done on the quality of its components but also on its assembly. We are very proud to be able to count on ENTRA, a work adapted work company, with which we have been working since day one.


Wheeleo V2 is a new generation of walking devices


We're not going to stop there. In the coming months, we are planning accessories that will further improve the comfort of its users. Do not hesitate to share with us which accessories would be very useful to you!

But first things first, today we are very happy to be able to offer you a "Made in Belgium" product.

Take advantage of the Wheeleo V2 to get you moving, reduce the risk of falling and above all gain more autonomy! There is certainly a dealer near you!  

Do you use the Wheeleo at home? Share your experience!

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Nov 29, 2022 • Posted by Marcel Uvyn

Is hij ook te gebruiken bij oneffen ondergronden, bijvoorbeeld bij park of boswandeling. Zou ook graag aankoopprijs weten van de Wheeleo V2

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