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When do you need the Wheeleo?

When do you need the Wheeleo?

Definition :

From a descriptive point of view, the Wheeleo is a quadripod cane with wheels.
From a functional point of view, the Wheeleo can be considered as a one-handed rollator (4 wheels).

Background :

For many people, the change from a walking frame to a four-wheel rollator improves fluidity, stability and comfort at a higher walking speed. Indeed, the user must not stop to move his frame. He's not losing his footing.

Wheeleo is based on this same evolution.

When can Wheeleo be indicated?

  1. When there is only one functional/valid/available hand:
      • Upper limb paralysis (hemiplegia, trauma, TC, MS, ...)
      • Upper limb amputation
      • Arm in plaster
      • An arm is used to carry or handle an object (cup of coffee, ...).

    The Wheeleo provides constant support on the ground, offering stability, comfort, safety and fluidity of movement...

    1. When the handling of a rollator is complicated due to lack of space.
      Many rollator users do not use it indoors due to lack of space. They then move around with nothing or with a cane. So they lose the advantage of the rollator.
      The Wheeleo offers great manoeuvrability compared to a rollator, with the same constant feeling of support.
      1. For a visually impaired person with reduced mobility (age, pathology)
        The coordination between a white cane (side sweeping) and a classic cane (lifting, moving forward, putting down, ...) is an almost impossible exercise.
        The Wheeleo does not require attention to be handled correctly. The use of the Wheeleo is compatible with the coordination of a white cane.


        1. When a rollator gives too much help, while a classic cane gives too little help.
            • Geriatrics
            • Orthopaedics (PTH, PTG, braces amputees, osteoarthritis, polyarthritis, ...)
            • Neurology

          The Wheeleo is a good transition between a rollator and a walking stick: the effect of a rollator and the clutter of a stick. Ideal to promote fluidity of walking.


          1. For the person who needs the support of someone ("arm in arm") to feel comfortable walking.
          The Wheeleo replaces this support. The person regains that little bit of support that allows them to walk safely. She can replace the support person.


          1. When coordination of walking with a cane is problematic. Pks, dementia, ...

            The use of the Wheeleo does not require a lot of attention (low cognitive load).


            The "ideal" profile is the person who walks indoors with a cane asymmetrically, slowly and in three stages (moves one foot, the other foot, then the cane).
            The Wheeleo naturally allows 2-stroke walking, with greater symmetry, larger steps, greater speed while maintaining the same level of stability and comfort.
            Of course, like any mobility aid, the Wheeleo cannot be suitable for every situation. An assessment of the suitability of the Wheeleo must be carried out to avoid any risk of falling.
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