Accueil / Contest rules

Contest rules


InnoRehab whose headquarters is located avenue des combattants, 93a, 1340 Ottiginies in Belgium, organizes a free game with no obligation to buy entitled: ≪ Contest, on the occasion of our presence at the Autonomic Lille fair which will take place on 30th November 2022 and 1st December 2022 at Namur Expo, The Wheeleo® team offers you the opportunity to win a Wheeleo®! ≫, according to the terms and conditions described in these rules.

This operation is neither organized nor sponsored by Facebook and Instagram.


This free game is open to any physical person, with a valid email address, and residing in a country of the European Union.

The game is subject to the regulations of the Belgian law applicable to games and contests.

Any participant who is a minor must nevertheless obtain the prior authorization of one of his/her parents or legal guardian to participate in the game. The organizing company may ask any minor participant to provide proof of this authorization and, if necessary, disqualify a participant who cannot provide proof of this authorization. The organizing company reserves the right to draw another winner if an initial winner, if a minor, is unable to provide sufficient proof of said authorization.

The mere fact of participating in this game implies pure and simple acceptance, without reservation, of these rules.


This game takes place on Facebook and Instagram from Wednesday 30th November 2022 at 9 am to Monday 5th December 2022 at 11 pm.

Participation in the game is done :

- Either on Instagram; by leaving a comment under the contest publication, by liking the "contest" publication and by subscribing to the page. These three conditions must be met for the entry to be accepted.

- Or on Facebook; by leaving a comment under the publication of the contest, by liking the publication "contest" and by subscribing to the page. These three conditions must be met in order for the entry to be accepted.

It is allowed for a person to participate on both the Facebook publication and the Instagram publication which will allow him/her to count two participations.

Only one entry on Facebook and one entry on Instagram per person and per family - same name, same email address or Facebook ID or Instagram ID - is permitted during the entire game period.

Because the game is accessible on the Facebook and Instagram platform, under no circumstances will Facebook and Instagram be held responsible for any argument related to the game. Facebook and Instagram will not be the organizer or sponsor of the operation. Facebook and Instagram cannot be held responsible for the content of the contest.


A random draw will determine 1 winner among the participants who respect all the conditions of the present rules.

The winner will be contacted within 24 hours of the draw, to confirm the nature of the prize won and the terms and conditions to benefit from it. Any winner who does not respond within 48 hours of being notified of his or her prize will be deemed to have forfeited it and the prize will be awarded to a new winner.


The game has the following prize. The winner will receive the following prize:


- Delivery to the winner's home in a country of the European Union


The prizes cannot be exchanged for their cash value or for any other prize.

The responsibility of the organizing company is strictly limited to the delivery of the validly won prize. The organizing company reserves the right to shorten, extend, modify or cancel the operation if circumstances so require, without its liability being incurred in this regard.

No compensation may be claimed as a result. These changes may however be subject to prior information by all appropriate means, including via the website of the organizing company, its Facebook page and its Instagram account.

The organizing company reserves the right to temporarily suspend the possibility of participating in the game if it, or its hosting provider, if any, can no longer ensure the continuity of the service necessary for the conduct of the game.

Participation in the game implies knowledge and acceptance of the characteristics and limits of the Internet, particularly with regard to technical performance, response times for consulting, querying or transferring information, the lack of protection of certain data against possible misappropriation and the risks of contamination by any viruses circulating on the network. The organizing company does not guarantee that the sites and/or the game will function without interruption or that it is free of any computer errors, nor that any defects noted will be corrected.

In the event of a technical malfunction of the game, the organizing company reserves the right, if necessary, to invalidate and/or cancel the game session during which said malfunction occurred.

No claim will be accepted as a result. The organizing company cannot be held responsible if the data relating to a participant's registration does not reach it for any reason for which it cannot be held responsible (for example, Internet connection problems due to any reason on the part of the user, a momentary failure of our servers for any reason whatsoever, etc.) or if it arrives unreadable or impossible to process (for example, if the participant has inadequate computer hardware or software environment for registration, etc.).

The organizing company cannot be held responsible for any prejudice of any kind (personal, physical, material, financial or other) arising from a player's participation in the game.

The organizing company shall not incur any contractual or legal liability for operations relating to the physical transfer of the prize.


Participants authorize the verification of their identity. Non-compliance with these rules as well as any fraud or attempted cheating, regardless of the methods used, will result in the pure and simple elimination of the author's participation.


Under penalty of foreclosure, the postmark being proof, all claims, particularly those relating to the draw, the result and the delivery or receipt of the prize, must be sent to the organizing company within 45 days following the end of the game. Beyond this deadline, no claim will be accepted.