Accueil / Refund Procedure for Wheeleo®

Refund Procedure for Wheeleo®

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  • Wallonia
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Wheeleo® n'est actuellement pas remboursé par l'Aviq. Le processus est en cours et devrait s'achever en 2024.

Reimbursement procedure in Brussels - Iriscare

Nomenclature title :  "walking stick on wheels"

Indication of reimbursement: 

"The "walking cane on wheels" is intended for a user who has lost the use of one of his upper limbs. The user has a severe functional impairment of one of his/her upper limbs, preventing him/her from using a walking frame. The user requires stable and safe support when standing or walking."

5 stakeholders : 

* The beneficiary

* The orthopedic technologist in mobility aids / bandager ("provider")

* The prescribing physician

* The health professional from a specialized rehabilitation center

* The consulting physician of the beneficiary's insurer

Step 1: 

The healthcare professional carries out a test with the patient to validate the patient's aptitude to use the Wheeleo®. He or she will certify this aptitude in a report to the medical officer of the patient's insurance company. 

The beneficiary forwards the health professional's motivation report to the service provider of her choice.

Step 2: 

The doctor fills in the medical prescription (appendix 19 - Iriscare), respecting the minimum codes (page 1-7).

The beneficiary fills in pages 8 and 9 of the medical prescription.

The beneficiary sends the prescription to the service provider of her choice.

Step 3: 

The service provider draws up a motivation report and a request for intervention. 

The complete file is sent to the attention of the medical advisor of the patient's insurance company.

Step 4: 

The medical officer has 20 working days to respond. In the absence of a reply from the medical advisor within the above-mentioned period, the request submitted is approved.

Remarks : 

In the event of a refusal by the medical officer for the "walking stick on wheels", this will be charged to the beneficiary if, at his or her request, it was issued before the medical officer's decision became known.

Wheeleo® n'est actuellement pas remboursé en Flandre.

Wheeleo® n'est pas remboursé en France.

Wheeleo® est fourni par la SMA ( Une prescription médicale est nécessaire.