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The walking aid made for disability.

Learn more about how Wheeleo® improves mobility and autonomy for persons with a disability.

illustration of persons with a disability
illustration of persons with a disability
Over 1 billion people worldwide experience some form of disability.
Disability is a broad word for any physical or mental condition that limits the mobility, senses or activities of a person.

According to World Health Organization, people may experience disability in different dimensions. Disability can express itself in an impairment of a person’s body structure or functioning, such as the loss of a limb or vision. Disability can also mean a person’s inability to do an activity, such as walking or solving problem.

It often happens that disabled persons experience restrictions in participating in social, daily activities. Working, recreational activities or obtaining the right health care services might be challenging.

Living with a disability
There is a wide variety of aids available for people with all kinds of disabilities. Depending on the severity and the type of your disability, you might need to look for a device that supports your mobility, that improves a function that you lost, or medication that threat the underlying cause.

Wheeleo® is an innovative walking aid that is known to help disabled persons experiencing difficulties in their movement. This might be due to the loss of vision, the loss of a limb or a chronic condition. Wheeleo® distinguishes itself from other supportive devices by combing three core values (autonomy, mobility & safety) into 4 unique features:

4 unique features

The Wheeleo allows you to maintain your active lifestyle by combining the advantages of different walking aids

Innovative, elegant mobility aid. Wheeleo white color. Innovative walking cane or quadripod with wheels.
  • One hand.

    One hand for ultimate support, the other to hold your white cane, to open a door or to call your friend. Boosting your autonomy, getting one step closer to independency.

  • Smart design.

    Not your grandma's wheeled walker. Just a next-generation mobility device. Thanks to its compact and convertible design, Wheeleo® will fit into tiny spaces like suitcases, public transport or small restaurants.

  • 4 wheels.

    Wheeleo® continuously supports you in staying active. As the wheels help you stay grounded at all times, you'll feel confident to walk at a pace that you like.

  • 4 legs. 4 touchpoints.

    Just like a (wheeled) walker, you will experience stability that always keeps you on your feet. Here’s to walking safely, without worrying about falling.


See how Wheeleo® helps other persons with a disability in regaining their confidence and autonomy.

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