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Learn more about how the Wheeleo® improves your mobility
while getting older.

Active aging

Staying active is a key element in getting older. Not only regular movement but also frequent social activities are known to avoid (mental) health problems that are associated with aging. Active aging includes participating in social activities and becoming more active in doing so, while receiving protection, security and care.

Fear of falling

When you become older, many of the biological processes that stimulate muscle (re)generation become less effective. Research shows that your maximum heart rate and oxygen levels decline, affecting the ability to exercise and to build up muscle strength. Joints become stiffer and muscle elasticity decreases, making it harder to maintain regular movement.

A unique solution

Mobility aids or walking devices are the most effective solutions that help
people with maintaining their stability during walking or other daily activities. They advance safety, independency and mobility, leading to a higher quality of life.

There are many different aids for elderly on the market. The most common are walking canes, followed by walkers and crutches. They come in a variety of sizes and options such as wheels or multiple legs, allowing you to choose something that supports your stability.

As an active senior, you should look for a mobility device that provides the stability you need and that’s compact and comfortable enough to bring anywhere. Choosing a tool that guarantees you stability often leads to compromising on flexibility and mobility. The general walking devices are known to make you look like a frail, or even invalid, person.

The Wheeleo® allows you to maintain your active lifestyle by combining the
advantages of different walking aids into 4 unique features:

4 unique features

The Wheeleo allows you to maintain your active lifestyle by combining the advantages of different walking aids

  • One-handed

    Experience the stability of a rollator, without compromising your freedom of movement. Always one hand free for daily activities.

  • Elegant design

    No stigma. The Wheeleo® is not a tool that only the elderly use. It is
    simply a new generation of walking aid. Thanks to its compact design, you can take the Wheeleo® with you wherever you go.

  • 4 touching points

    No need to lift the device thanks to the 4 wheels always in contact with the ground. The Wheeleo® enables movement with a continuous flow. Infinite support, without you even noticing it.

  • No brakes

    The Wheeleo® provides you safety during steady and unsteady times. Risk of falling? Significantly low. The absence of brakes allows a fluid walk.

See how the Wheeleo® helps other active seniors in gaining their confidence and autonomy back.

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