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The walking aid made for Multiple Sclerosis.

Learn more about how the Wheeleo® improves mobility for patients with multiple sclerosis.

What is multiple sclerosis?
Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic disease affecting the central nervous system. It starts with an immune attack against the protective layer around the nerves, also known as the myelin layer. This causes inflammation and damages the layer, leading to a disruption of connections in the brain and spinal cord. The exact cause of multiple sclerosis is not known, but scientists believe that multiple sclerosis is caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors.

What are symptoms of MS?
Depending on the location of the damaged nerves, different symptoms appear. The symptoms vary between individuals and vary from time to time. As an MS patient, you might describe your journey in terms of good days and bad days, depending on which type of symptoms you experience and the severity of your symptoms.

The most common symptoms of MS include;
Disturbance of balance and coordination.
Walking difficulties. Weakness, spasticity, sensory deficit and fatigue of muscles.
• Dizziness and Vertigo. Feeling off balance and lightheaded.
• Pain, fatigue, numbness and tingling of face, body or arms and legs.
• Vision problems

Less common symptoms include tremor, paralysis and blindness as well as speech, swallowing and hearing problems.

How multiple sclerosis progresses varies between individuals and depends on the type of MS. MS progresses as symptoms start showing up continuously, gradually worsening and accumulating. MS patients might experience a decreased mobility, making it harder to live independently.

Improving your life as a MS patient.
There is no cure for MS. Current medications for MS to reduce the number of relapses and delay the progression of disability. At this moment, the treatment of MS mainly focuses on managing disease symptoms.

If you have MS, your symptoms may come and go, get worse or completely disappear for some time. The symptom-free periods, also called periods of remission, can last for weeks to months. It can be useful to discover how to stay in remission as long as possible. It’s best to discuss your treatment plan with your doctor. Besides medication, habits like regular movement, eating well and managing stress are known to make you feel better for a longer time.

How Wheeleo® helps MS patients.
Because of the damage to the nervous system, MS often leads to walking difficulties with disturbance of balance and coordination. That’s why physical therapy is highly recommended for MS patients to help them regain and maintain strength, flexibility, and general fitness.

This is where the Wheeleo® comes in. The Wheeleo® is a mobility aid that supports MS patients in the ability to function in daily life. It facilitates walking during periods of severe and light symptoms, without stigmatizing or compromising on autonomy.

4 unique features

The Wheeleo® allows you to maintain your active lifestyle by combining the advantages of different walking aids.

  • One-handed

    Experience the stability of a rollator, without compromising your freedom of movement. Always one hand free for daily activities.

  • Elegant design

    No stigma. The Wheeleo® is not a tool that only the elderly use. It is
    simply a new generation of walking aid. Thanks to its compact design, you can take the Wheeleo® with you wherever you go.

  • 4 touching points

    No need to lift the device thanks to the 4 wheels always in contact with the ground. The Wheeleo® enables movement with a continuous flow. Infinite support, without you even noticing it.

  • No brakes

    The Wheeleo® provides you safety during steady and unsteady times. Risk of falling? Significantly low. The absence of brakes allows a fluid walk.



See how the Wheeleo® helps other patients with multiple sclerosis in regaining their confidence and autonomy.

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