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The walking aid made for Rehabilitation.

Learn more about how the Wheeleo® improves your mobility and facilitates exercise during rehabilitation.

person with brace rehabilitating with walking aid
illustration of person with brace and mobility aid


Rehabilitation is a term for a set of interventions that helps with regaining, keeping or improving functioning and reducing disability. In the context of physical rehabilitation, the functioning of patients can be lost due to several health conditions like acute or chronic illness, injury or disability. Rehabilitation facilitates you to regain your level of independence in daily life. The main goal is to increase the quality of your life by supporting the individual to participate effectively in society.

The impact of rehabilitation and physical therapy

The impact of rehabilitation should not be underestimated. Besides maximizing the outcomes of your medical or surgical intervention, physical therapy can also help you in reducing the length of your hospital stay and in avoiding re-admission to hospital. In general, physical therapy lowers your risk of relapse. It also relieves healthcare professionals of high work pressure and avoids additional health costs for hospitals.

 It is also known that physical health problems can negatively affect mental health. If you have a long-term physical health condition, you might experience mental health difficulties like anxiety and depression. When you start exercising, your body will release feel-good hormones like endorphins. This means that physical rehabilitation and activity are also great ways to improve mental wellbeing.  

4 unique features

The Wheeleo® helps you to regain your active lifestyle by combining the advantages of different walking aids

  • One-handed

    Experience the stability of a rollator, without compromising your freedom of movement. Always one hand free for daily activities.

  • Elegant design

    No stigma. The Wheeleo® is not a tool that only the elderly use. It is
    simply a new generation of walking aid. Thanks to its compact design, you can take the Wheeleo® with you wherever you go.

  • 4 touching points

    No need to lift the device thanks to the 4 wheels always in contact with the ground. The Wheeleo® enables movement with a continuous flow. Infinite support, without you even noticing it.

  • No brakes

    The Wheeleo® provides you safety during steady and unsteady times. Risk of falling? Significantly low. The absence of brakes allows a fluid walk.

For healthcare professionals.

Wheeleo® from A to Z. As a healthcare professional, you'll learn about the unique benefits that the Wheeleo® brings to your patients.