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The creation of Wheeleo®

About Geoffroy, creator of the Wheeleo®, from prototype to next-generation mobility aid.

Physiotherapist that created an innovative walking aid for its patients
Physiotherapist that created an innovative walking aid for its patients

The concept of Wheeleo® was born at the CHN William Lennox neurological rehabilitation center for patients combatting neurological disorders such as stroke, head trauma, epilepsy or cognitive-developmental dysfunctions.

After helping numerous patients get back on their feet, physiotherapist Geoffroy Dellicour noticed that there was room for improvement in the rehabilitation process. He created the first prototype of Wheeleo® with the main objective to support (semi-)paralyzed patients in learning to walk again. The possibility of receiving continuous support while only using one hand was a unique and never-seen-before feature.

It quickly became clear that a walking device like Wheeleo® also facilitates mobility for other patients by freeing up one hand to do daily activities in a safe, secured way. As other healthcare professionals started to integrate Wheeleo® into their treatment plans, the demand for Wheeleo® grew exponentially and Geoffroy decided to iterate on the design and functionality of Wheeleo®.

The Wheeleo® is the result of an extensive iteration process of combining the benefits of different walking aids into a high-quality, next-generation mobility device that is both functional, safe to use, and elegant looking. Embrace your life, discover Wheeleo®.