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Webinar 1

Wheeleo, a new mobility aid. " C 'is what? What is its purpose? For whom is it useful? When to use it? To whom should it be prescribed? »In just 40 minutes of your time,Geoffroy Dellicour, the inventor of Wheeleo, helps you understand the impact it can have on you and your patients!

Speaker: Geoffroy Dellicour, physiotherapist CHNWL (BE), Wheeleo Designer, Co-founder InnoRehab

Duration: 40 minutes

Link: https://youtu.be/KefelVMCNxI

Webinar 2

Why Wheeleo after a stroke? From rehabilitation to autonomy. After webinar #1, we would like to focus on the interest of Wheeleo for people with hemiplegia.

Speaker :Geoffroy Dellicour, Physiotherapist CHNWL (BE), Wheeleo Designer, Co-founder InnoRehab

Duration: 40 minutes

Link: https://youtu.be/vtY9S6olKus