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The Wheeleo

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Wheeleo is the next generation mobility device, designed to keep your balance when you're carrying out daily tasks. 

4 key features: 

  • One handgrip to increase your autonomy
  • Smart design to take the Wheeleo with you everywhere
  • 4 legs for ultimate stability
  • 4 wheels to stay grounded and increase your walking speed 

Wheeleo unfold.

Learn more about what features differentiate the Wheeleo from other mobility devices.


Unlike any other standard walking aid with wheels, the Wheeleo has only one handgrip. Made in Belgium, it serves as a steady support in daily circumstances.

Hold on to your Wheeleo with your right or left hand while you're cooking your favourite dinner, when you're walking the dog or calling your loved ones.

active senior baking cookies and holding innovatie walking device wheeleo

Smart design.

While designing the Wheeleo, we focused as much on convenience as on elegance. To be able to fit in every situation, our walking aid should be fitted for every transportation. The Wheeleo is convertible, light-weighted and compact. It looks sleek, has no 'old people' stigma and comes in multiple colors.

• Adjust the height as you prefer from 77.5 cm to 101.5 cm.

• Take the Wheeleo anywhere as it only weighs 3,5 kg.

• Walk through narrow spaces thanks to the maximun width of 30 cm.

innovative convertible walking aid wheeleo in suitcase

4 legs. 4 wheels.

Stability is key. With four legs made of steel, you will experience 4 times the safety of a regular cane. It's impossible to tip over, even when you're leaning on it sideways.

The 4 wheels connect the Wheeleo to the ground at all times. You don't need to lift the mobility device every two steps you take, meaning you're continuously supported.

The 360° rotation angle of the wheels enables movement in any direction and let the Wheeleo keep up with your walking pace. A published clinical study shows that walking speed spontaneously increases by up to 50% compared to a quad cane when the user switches to the Wheeleo®.

walking device wheeleo on escalator

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